Energizing the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem​

Energizing the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem.

We Are Pioneering Sustainable Development In Africa.

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Powering Africa's Startup Ecosystem

Ennovate Ventures is on a mission of enabling underserved tech founders in Africa to succeed. Through our Africa-centric venture solutions, we are investing in the outlying gaps in founders with less visibility  that VCs are not covering. We are driven by the purpose of building innovative and disruptive companies that will transform Africa’s economy, amplify job creation and solve the most fundamental problems faced by communities across and beyond the continent. 


Ennovate VentureRoom is a premium digital deal platform designed to fast track...

Ennovate Studio

To accelerate the easy transition of professionals into first-time entrepreneurs...

Ennovate Venture Fund

Through our venture fund, we work with underserved tech founders to build and...

Ennovate Hub

Ennovate Hub runs incubation programs that provide a startup pipeline for our...

Our Story

Facilitating Inclusive Economy through Digital Entrepreneurship

Ennovate Ventures is a pan-African venture studio and microfund that is building and funding the next wave of disruptive innovations for Africa’s prosperity. Through our venture fund and innovation consulting solutions, we are at the forefront of driving inclusive social and economic development across the continent.

We are committed to backing Africa’s underrepresented tech founders to accelerate their growth while solving the most critical challenges on the continent.

We also work with ambitious companies and development partners to design and implement innovation solutions across the business value chain and support communities to improve lives and create jobs.

Our Services

Corporate Innovation Services

We have worked with dozens of corporate companies, such as Econet, Hivals Group, Standard Bank, UBA Bank, Atsoko, and more, to develop management and operational...

Corporate Programme Management

We work with corporates and development organizations to design, implement, and manage their innovation programs to deliver quality and impactful output....

Tech Development Solutions

With a team 0f creatives and tech experts, we work with clients to design and develop engaging and user-driven tech solutions to power their businesses. Through a...

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Meet Our Maestros

Francis Omorojie

Founder & CEO

Ekene Odoh

Entrepreneur In Residence

Jasmine Abdallah

Marketing Creative Lead

Devotha Modest

Finance Manager

Mercy Murithi


Joseph Mwanyika

Co - CEO

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What Customers Say About Us

Ennovate hub has made me realize how to use my full potential on how do startups really work and how to make a great company. It’s a nice place to grow.
LyfPlus was born from here. This is where our goals became clearer and more realistic. The hubs unique support help us sharpen the idea and build a more viable business from where we were before.

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