20th April



Lima is an agritech that is transforming food systems in Africa by offering quality organic manure and affordable livestock feeds. The company uses naturally occurring insects that turns organic waste into a highly concentrated protein feed ingredients and organic fertilizer with a focus on making nutritious, affordable and environmentally friendly products for the food system, thus enabling the Agriculture sector in Africa to be profitable.


Rabbit is a digital SaaS tool built for mobility operators to digitize their day-to-day operations such as receiving payments, fleet tracking and many other operations. They also aggregate their service offerings through a marketplace app, making it easier for their customers to find and pay for their services online while maintaining a direct relationship with these operators.


SmartDarasa is a next-generation learning platform helping students understand the reality and practicality of things they learn in STEM subjects using the SmartDarasa app and website utilizing 2D, 3D & AR technology. Students can practically learn what they learn in class on STEM subjects, do conceptualized questions, perform 2D & 3D simulations, and AR learning as if things are in their environment when coupled with Smartcards.


Dawa Mkononi is an digital pharmaceutical marketplace focused on improving access & availability to medicines in African communities. We use data-driven approaches to improve the supply chain and help tocombat counterfeit medicines in the process.


Sema in the local language means ‘speak up.’ is a digital platform that makes therapy services accessible to youth in Kenya, East Africa and soon, the continent. Sema gives you access to professional, quality therapy services at your fingertips. They are disrupting how Africans experience therapy.


WAGA is committed to providing clean and affordable energy to low-income rural communities. They recycle laptop batteries to produce portable power packs, known as PAWA PACKS, that provide electricity to homes, businesses, and community facilities. WAGA has expanded its efforts toward promoting clean mobility in Africa. They are working on providing battery solutions for electric mobility and setting up charging and swapping stations across Tanzania.


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