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In the past 3 years, through 4 cohorts of Digify-Tech programmes, Ennovate Ventures has been at the forefront of grooming over 1,000 youths with the requisite digital skills and job connections, with support from the International Trade Centre, under #FastTrackTech project. So far, freelancers from the Digify programme have earned a cumulative total of more than $12,000 through gig jobs. Our goal is to democratize access to digital skills by taking digital skills training to the most underrepresented Tanzanian youths, facilitate the formalization of gig workers, and create regional demand for freelancers from Tanzania.

Digify Skills Labs is a cohort-based digital skills training and job matching programme, that will equip Tanzanian youths in Dar es Salaam with in-demand digital skills and provide job connections. The programme will be implemented in a hybrid, challenge-based approach to ensure that the students become competent in their preferred digital skills. The beneficiaries will access curated skills training online, and participate in physical capacity building meet ups, where the facilitators will provide hands-on support to the youths to strengthen their competency and build their confidence in translating the acquired skills into real-life projects. The students will learn through a project-based structure, where they practice the skills while learning during the programme.


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