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Are you looking for a co-working space with a vibrant community to achieve your goals and connect with like-minded people?

Ennovate Spaces is designed for passionate young people who are ready to take their ideas to the next level. You will have a chance to collaborate with entrepreneurs at the space as we promote diversity.

We have different amenities that can make your work life more easy, Drinking water, Tea/Coffee, Printing services, Unlimited Speed Internet, Unlimited events.Simply select an available seat in our coworking space, then start working. Ennovate Spaces are located at Ennovate Ventures, Mbezi Dar es Salaam. 


Private room, unlimited internet, weekly access to boardroom, and incoming mail services and package handling. Price ranges from 50,000/=
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Private desk in a room, unlimited internet together with printing and photocopy services. Price ranges from 15,000/=
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Community co-working space, unlimited internet, printing and photocopy services. Prices ranges from 7,000/=
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Our board room is big enough to accommodate up to ten people for meetings. Prices range from 50,000/=
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