Ennovate VentureRoom is a premium digital deal platform designed to fast track investment deals between startups and investors. VentureRoom does all the initial work of scouting for the most promising startups, carry out preliminary due diligence and list startups according to sectors, maturity stage, location and investment round.

This allows investors to quickly review startups in our ventureroom and match with the most interesting ones for discussion during our monthly #dealday. VentureRoom also offers on-ground due diligence support to investors, for investors that do not have physical presence in Africa ecosystem, or investors that require external validation of deals in their pipeline.

VentureRoom helps investors save on deal sourcing cost, improve the quality of deals in their pipeline and eventually increase the success rate of their portfolio companies. 

Bringing Investment Closer to Startups

VentureRoom is powered by an interactive technology that allows investors to review startups and match with relevant deals in one click. This automatically adds the startups to the investors deal pipeline and allocate them to the investors calendar for online deal meeting, which happens during the monthly #dealday.

After the initial call, investors can then establish a follow up communication line with their preferred startup to continue the investment process. Ennovate Ventures offers practical step by step support to the investors through the investment process.

Start your fundraising journey

Sign up on VentureRoom platform: Enter your startup details and founder information. Also upload your most recent pitch deck.


Get contacted by our Venture Analyst: One of our Venture Analyst will contact you to discuss your startup and your team


Get shortlisted for Initial Due Diligence: Our investment team will shortlist some of the qualified startups for initial due diligence. The process can take upto 3 weeks to validate informations and data provided by the startup.


Startup published in in the VentureRoom: Successful startups will be published in the VentureRoom and will be available to be reviewed by investors on the platform


Get Matched by an Investor: Startup can be matched by multiple investors and will be listed to have 30 minutes online meeting with each investor during our monthly #dealday


Startup that gets the interest from investors will be invited for follow on discussion and due diligence by the investors


Invest in the most promising companies through VentureRoom

Investors sign up on VentureRoom platform: Investors that wants to join VentureRoom will sign up and enter their information and their fund details


Get approved to connect with Startups: Our Venture team will review investors details and approve if most criteria are met. Our team may request a call with the investor before approval.


Agree to terms of service and pay premium subscription fee: Investors will need to agree to terms of service and pay the required subscription fee before they can access the startups and other platform benefits. These includes matching startups, participating in the #dealday online matchmaker, follow on investment process support from VentureRoom.


Investor access premium deal dashboard: investors can now review all startups in the VentureRoom and match relevant startups. The matched startups will be added to the investors dealroom and scheduled for a virtual meeting during the monthly #dealday matchmaker. 


Investor list startups for further discussion: After #dealday, investors can shortlist startups for further engagement and due diligence. The VentureRoom team will offer relevant support to the investor through the investment process.


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